FlexiVac R

Certified fully recyclable vacuum film

There’s a new kid on the block - kp FlexiVac® R. And the R stands for fully recyclable!

Today, only kp can bring you a multi-layer recyclable vacuum film that’s been certified 100% recyclable as PE by cyclos–HTP and certified by Interseroh!

Our innovation team has worked hand in hand with the materials science company, Dow, to bring you kp FlexiVac® R a multi-layer recyclable vacuum film. It’s also available as a BASE film. Dow’s Fusabond technology brings the benefit of full recyclability to our kp FlexiVac® range.

Its unique properties improve kp FlexiVac®’s existing strong points – optimum seal, excellent clarity for outstanding food presentation, suitability for all vacuum machines – to name a few.

Fully recyclable

Vacuum film certified fully recyclable by third party organisations.

Puncture resistant

High tensile strength for bone-in products and stands up to the rigours of packing and distribution through the supply chain.

Exceptional clarity

Crystal clear transparency for the optimal product presentation.

Maximum food protection and safety

Secure and leak proof with a best-in-class hermetical seal, even through contamination.


Peelable options available.

High performance

Excellent sealing through contamination, effortless to cut and available in multiple formats.


Easily printed for brand communication.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between kp FlexiVac® and kp FlexiVac® R?

kp FlexiVac® is kp’s range of multi-layer, vacuum PA/PE films which are crystal clear for excellent food presentation. kp FlexiVac® R is the new fully recyclable product in the range. It’s been certified 100% recyclable as PE by cyclos–HTP and certified by Interseroh!

What applications can kp FlexiVac® R be used for?

It’s perfect for fresh food. It’s specially formulated to prevent delamination and offer optimum seal and freshness – like the other products in the FlexiVac range. Thanks to the range of thicknesses available, it’s also suitable for bone-in applications.

What thickness range is available for kp FlexiVac® R?

Thickness ranges from 70-300 microns.

In which countries is the cyclos-HTP certification valid?

A lot. According to CHI standards for film >DIN A4, in the following countries: AT, BE, DE, DK, ES, IT, LU, NL, NO, PT,SI.

Does kp FlexiVac® R cost more than other products in the FlexiVac® range?

Good question. kp FlexiVac® brings even more value for money. Find out more by clicking the ‘request a sales call’ button.

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